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"A mushroom lasts for only a very short time. Often I go in the woods thinking, after all these years, I ought finally to be bored with fungi. But, coming upon any mushroom in good condition, I lose my mind all over again. Supreme good fortune: we're both alive!"

This website is a repository of anything I make, which is usually writing but sometimes also music. I am an independent writer from Nottingham, in the UK, and I'm interested in how I can use my writing to generate novel perspectives on philosophy, the arts, and politics. I welcome all sorts of feedback, especially since the nature of my writing (ambiguous and obscure as it sometimes is) often prompts further questioning. If you would like to ask me anything, you can email me or send a message on Discord, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also follow me on RateYourMusic if you want to see the sort of music and films I'm listening to and watching, and I respond to private messages and shoutbox comments there too.

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• Discord: Shmin#8422
• Twitter: @PaddyAgius
• Instagram: @dubtechno_googler
• RateYourMusic: ~Shmin